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Our journey started back in 2017 as a humble rice wholesaler in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Over time, we have expanded our operations and evolved into a prominent distribution company that caters to ethnic retail stores and restaurants across the Northern United States.

Why Choose Indigo Foods?

Indigo Foods takes pride in commitment to sustainability. As a global community, we only have one planet, and it is our collective responsibility to take care of it. Businesses have a significant impact on the planet, and it is essential that they prioritize sustainability throughout their operations to ensure a habitable world for all, not just a select few. From sourcing to production to distribution, Indigo Foods integrates sustainable practices into their DNA, recognizing the critical role they play in preserving our planet's resources for future generations. Every small step towards sustainability matters.

We hand-pick brands that believe in SUSTAINABILITY

Transparent & ethical sourcing of materials

Environmentally conscious manufacturing practices

Shipping options that negate the Carbon footprint

Waste-conscious packaging

Carbon negative production facilities

State-Of-The-Art Facility

Indigo Foods prides itself on its modern and technologically advanced factories and warehouses, featuring state-of-the-art automated machinery capable of mass production and supply, all while maintaining ecological balance.

Starting with distribution in Harrisburg, we have since expanded extensively along the North-east coast. Today we have 3000 stores with over 3000 satisfied customers, 4 warehouses and 3 experience stores.

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